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arrow 10 Steps to Home Building with Scuilli Classic Homes

Stage 1

To reach Stage One, lot preparation must be complete, all necessary plumbing installed and the founda-tion set.

Stage 2

Stage Two is complete when all of the home's interior and exterior walls are set, and the roof framing is finished.

Stage 3

At Stage Three, the Builder has completed the installation of the home's shingles, windows and exterior sheathing.

Stage 4

To reach this stage, the Builder installs your home's electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. Municipal inspections are also completed.

Stage 5

Your Personal Builder will start the brick, stucco or stone exterior of your home and also apply the wall and ceiling textures to reach Stage Five.

Stage 6

Stage Six is complete when your interior doors are set and the moldings have been installed. The Builder will also finish the staircase railings and balusters during this stage (if applicable).

Stage 7

The home's kitchen cabinets are set and its countertops installed to reach Stage Seven. The Builder has applied the paint to the interior of your home.

Stage 8

To reach Stage Eight, your home's plumbing and electrical fixtures will be set. The Builder will also install the flooring - including carpeting - in your home.

Stage 9

During Stage Nine, the Project Manager, Warranty Service Representative and Sciulli Classic Homes will perform a quality inspection on your home.

Stage 10

YOUR HOME IS COMPLETE! Sciulli Classic Homes will now introduce your new home to You. Now, all that's left is the closing.


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